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Friends of the Falling Waters Trail
c/o Jackson County Parks
1992 Warren Ave
Jackson MI 49203

      Email: info@fallingwatertrail.org

May Apples Flourishing

On the Edge of the Marsh

Autumn on the Trail


Email: info@fallingwatertrail.org


The most rewarding aspect of the development of Jackson County’s Falling Waters Trail is the wide support received from individual citizens by way of donations from one to one hundred dollars and more!  We thank you and salute thousands of you for supporting the construction of Jackson County’s newest county park since 1948.

Businesses too numerous to mention have also supported the Trail with Friends of the Falling Waters Trail memberships and donations up to $1,000.  Jackson County is recognized across the state as one of the most philanthropic communities in which to live, and your business contributions have once again proven this fact.

In this space we are able to recognize the donations of $1,000 or more.  The following government entities, foundations, businesses and individuals gave large support to the recognized health, environmental and economic benefits of the Falling Waters Trail. 

Michigan Department of Transportation
Michigan Department of Natural Resources Trust
Weatherwax Foundation
Jackson County Community Foundation
Foote Hospital Foundation for Healthy Community
Foote Hospital Foundation for Athletic Medicine
Jackson County Parks Assoc.
Hurst Foundation
County of Jackson
Dorothy Blakely Foundation
Anonymous Individual
Consumers Energy Foundation
Eaton Corporation
Bikes Belong
Tri-County Bicycle Association
Natalie Field
Foote Hospital Medical Staff
Samuel Higby Camp Foundation
Townsend Medical Center
Wendy's-Stanton and Associates
Michigan Automotive Compressor, Inc
Citizens Bank
Jackson County Daffodil Society
Robert L. Johnson Construction
Amalgamated Local 62
County National Bank
Dawn Food Products
Dunigan Brothers
Flagstar Bank
Family Practice Service of Foote Hospital
Jackson Area Association of Realtors
Jackson Steel Supply
Louis Glick Foundation
Country Computer Care